Health and Wellness Services

At Bowen, we are highly in tune with the health and wellness needs of the military and veteran community. Our health and wellness services include 24/7 call centers equipped with the latest technology and staffed with veterans, military spouses and employees who understand the unique needs of service members, veterans and their families. Our on-demand care and expert resource navigation services meet the military community right where they are and guide them to where they want to be.

Your goals. Our services. Shared success.

Providing resource and informational support for those service members who become wounded, ill or injured, and are transitioning from service

Providing an empathetic ear, a valued opinion, or motivation to help service members chart a course toward accomplishing their goals

Ensuring that we aren’t just pointing service members in the right direction but traveling with them to their destination


See for yourself why one government customer recently called Bowen an “absolute force multiplier,” thanks to “consistent creative problem solving that freed me to focus up and out.”  If you need a talented, committed professional services team to help you craft solutions that support your vision, contact our President, Ray Babbie at

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