Welcome and well wishes!

The Bowen Group welcomes Stacey Durham and Robinette Pride

You may have seen a new face around the office this week! We’d like to welcome Stacey Durham. After a week of training, he’ll be joining the Call Center team as a Customer Care Representative on 2nd shift.

Stacey served as an imagery analyst in the Air Force for six years. Most recently, he worked as a paraprofessional and teacher assistant at multiple schools and grade levels throughout Virginia.

As an athlete, Stacey gained national recognition and competed in the Junior Olympics five times. He went on to use his experience to coach two high school track and field athletes to national champions.

We’d also like to welcome Robinette Pride to The Bowen Group as a Customer Care Representative on the Sgt Merlin German Wounded Warrior Call Center contract. She will be assisting in the support of over 26,000 wounded, ill and injured Marines.

Robinette is an Air Force veteran who served at Andrews Air Force Base (AFB) in Maryland and Spangdahlem AFB in Germany. In addition to serving in the military, she has also worked for Mary Washington Healthcare, Onsite Health, CDC/National Center for Health Statistics, U.S Patent and Trademark Office, and Potomac Hospital. Robinette is currently enrolled at Kaplan University, working toward a degree in Health Care Administration.

Welcome to The Bowen Group Stacey and Robinette!

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